DreadpooL the Producer

DreadpooL (formally known as Crescendo) is a Music Producer, based out of Springfield, VA.  Born and raised in Washington DC, he began studying the clarinet in the third grade, later attended Duke Ellington School of the Arts, where he picked up the baritone saxophone.  Upon graduation, he studied music at Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA and this is when he officially began producing beats.


After many years of producing beats, he took a break to pursue another passion in photography, starting Tic-Tac-Pose Photography.  During the successful pursuit of Tic-Tac-Pose, he came to the realization that his real passion was and always has been music.  In 2013, he closed his photography studio, sold all his equipment, and began building his music studio... again.  This time, it was all or nothing.  Crescendo Forever Entertainment was rebirthed with a stronger drive and different perspective.

DreadpooL does not classify his music with a specific genre, as each beat can uniquely be used for different styles of music.  He lives by the phrase "Don't place me in a box".  He stays true to his style by avoiding labels and publishers who encourage duplicating the sound of other producers.  When DreadpooL heads into his studio, he sits down and plays around with many sounds until something touches his soul and he builds around that.  "I never sit down with a song or genre in mind.  I sit and simply produce what I am feeling in that moment".

DreadpooL is unique, determined, possesses a strong work ethic, and is only willing to work with artists that share the same.  When it comes to music, he plays no games and gets the job done.  DreadpooL is simply committed to making great music.

571.281.1981 ext. 101

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