Want to Collab?

It's as simple as creating quality music...

Due to my current workload, collaboration projects will be on a limited basis.  If you're interested and working on releasing a new project or a single, submit your best track below.  Keep in mind that I produce Rap/Trap/R&B type beats.  I'd also encourage you to subscribe to my mailing list for announcements of when collaborations will be picking-up.

My method is pretty straight forward but I'm serious about my work so if you aren't ready with material, or lack the means to record your vocals in an environment that provides quality recordings, hold off on submitting your demo.  I respect your time so please respect mine.  If you are ready to move, complete the submission below!


**In the notes section below, please indicate which beat you are interested in for the collaboration project.**

(Indicate the beat of interest)

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